Online Poker History – The Story Behind The Sensational Hit

November 12, 2019

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Hi and welcome to this Quick Plays video on Online poker players utilizing a hud, or thinking about utilizing a hud, are immersed with a huge amount of details to look over. Be that as it may, the most significant detail by a long shot is VPIP. In this video we’ll examine what this detail is, the way it works, and its application while investigating your rivals.

To begin with, what is VPIP? VPIP represents willfully places cash in pot and is a preflop detail. You may see this composed online as VPIP or VP$IP, however the two of them mean something very similar. The heritage recipe for VPIP is just the Number of Times Player Put Money In Pot/(Number of Hands). So if a player played 80 hands and intentionally put cash into 15 of them, he would have a VPIP of 19%.

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The more present equation for VPIP is really Number of Times Player Put Money In Pot/(Number of Hands – Number of Walks). What’s more, a walk is just when everybody folds to the BB and he wins the pot. We subtract strolls in light of the fact that in a walk circumstance the huge visually impaired has no chance to intentionally place cash into the pot. In any case, I think the most ideal approach to comprehend VPIP is to see it in real life, so we should take a gander at a hand…

How about we break down every player’s VPIP for this single hand. In this hand UTG open-limps for $1. He has intentionally placed cash into the pot and would have a VPIP of 100% for THIS hand.

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