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October 13, 2019

The other side has latching buttons, and the entire issue is coated with materials, therefore it does not seem like cheap crap. The handle feels fairly nice on your hands. It features batteries for performance, and two collections of calibration metal.

It offers a whole lot of light transmittance meter for auto owners. It is smartly designed, contemporary looking, and contains vital levels of software support. And it is a particularly good option for a person who can make the most of its high dimension range and backlit screen.

It supplies lots of the exact same measuring modes and alert setting, but is capable of keeping much more information, and doing much more with your own data. For contact dimensions which don’t need the expansion forces of a probe, this really is an outstanding option.

The REED Instrument CM-8822 is fairly well suited to all those sorts of software. Additionally, it may be flipped to measuring ferrous and non-ferrous items with substantial success, but it is actually the dimension probes that help differentiate this from a contact-measurement tool such as the ERAY meter. For taking measurements in tight spaces without sacrificing any precision, the CM-8822 is most likely your very best choice.

The Exceptional layer depth estimate with swiveling probe

Together with the incorporated, global unique 90° swivel-mounted probe of this LIST-MAGNETIK TOP-CHECK coating depth yards, you consistently execute precise measurements. The compact, lightweight devices are hardly bigger than the usual probe and are therefore great for onsite applications in regions that are not easy to access.

For interference-free dimensions in harsh environments, the metal casing is splash-proof, according to IP 64. Optionally, we also supply coating thickness tester gear with flow-water protection. The measuring probe includes a wear-resistant ruby probe rod for a very long service life with regular dimension on surfaces that are rough.

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